Injury Treatment Outcomes Report


ExpressMED/BOAC clinics in Manchester and Salem, NH are pleased to publish injury treatment outcomes report for the year 2021. For the 10th consecutive year, our average number of visits [beginning with the initial visit through discharge by our clinic] remains at 3 visits. Our statistical outcomes are measured on a quarterly basis for internal review and cumulatively on an annual basis. This provides you, our Client, the confidence that we are tracking our service outcomes and staying accountable for the results we bring to you and your employees. 

Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine clinics in Manchester and Salem, NH. Treatment for personal or work-related illness or injury by licensed medical Provider and telemedicine virtual visits.

The table below compares injury treatment outcomes over the past 8 years. This data demonstrates consistent practice of high-quality occupational health care that takes employers’ needs into consideration when developing treatment plans. While our clinics focus on providing the best possible medical care available in Southern NH attention is also given to the appropriate utilization of diagnostics, physical therapy, and referral to other specialty care at the right time for the purpose of achieving an expedited and safe return to work. 

If you would like to be provided with your company’s outcomes in these specific areas, please contact Dianne Annon at 603.848.0177.

Average#ofvisitsthruto discharge32333333
Average#ofdaysfrominitial treatmentthrutodischarge19171718.2191515.532
Percentage of cases with lost time<1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0< 1.0< 1.0< 1.0<1.0
AverageChargeper case$743$653$698$738$697$699$685$679
Injury Treatment Outcomes (2014-2021)

CLICK HERE for the complete report including the statistics for every year since 2014.