Dealing with a Hernia

Hernias are generally linked to physical activity, being commonly classified as a sports-related injury. Contrastingly, there are multiple diverse causes of hernias which are typically overlooked.  Despite common stereotypes encircling the causes of hernias, heavy lifting is one of the primary activities in which hernias are most likely to occur. 

The demand to engage in activities involving heavy lifting presents itself in several occupations including construction and landscaping along with various other physically demanding careers, generating an increased risk of developing a hernia. Although these activities cannot always be avoided due to mandatory jobs, certain precautions are advised when putting forth physical exertion involving heavy lifting and over-straining. Individuals should be cautious of their lifting form by utilizing their legs rather than their back and upper body. Although minimizing the risk of developing a hernia is possible, like all injuries, hernias can not always be prevented. 

Be prepared for unexpected accidents and play a role in your recovery process by identifying your options in advance. With access to walk-in appointments and accommodations to work-related injuries, ExpressMED/BOAC in Manchester and Salem provides services to aid in your recovery process and help you return to work fast.    

Additionally, our friends at Nashua Ambulatory Surgical Center recently welcomed Dr. Michael Reinhorn to their team of surgeons. Dr. Reinhorn specializes in Hernia surgery and has been a renewed surgeon at the Boston Hernia Clinic. He has now opened a satellite office next door to Apple Therapy in Nashua and is welcoming new patients.

If you think you may be suffering from a Hernia or related injury, drop into one of our ExpressMED/BOAC clinics for an evaluation by one of our licensed medical providers and, if needed, a referral to an expert like Dr. Reinhorn.