Winter Stay-cation Activities to Get Kids Moving

Throughout the winter months, people struggle to find activities to keep them busy, and often opt to stay indoors due to cold temperatures. As February break approaches, many parents will struggle to generate fun activities that their kids will enjoy. While a majority of children wish to spend their days lounging at home with constant access to their devices, pushing them to venture outdoors will not only help them engage in physical activity, but will be a good source of energy release, giving parents a greater sense of sanity throughout the break.  

Skiing and tubing

For those that know how to ski, this activity is a great source of exercise and is fun for all ages. For parents with younger kids, teaching them to ski or learning with them provides them with a beneficial lifelong skill to have which is widely utilized in New Hampshire. Tubing is another activity that is guaranteed to get your child excited to be outdoors. Although not as physically demanding as skiing, it still provides an opportunity to get your child moving at low prices. Additionally, throughout school vacation weeks, there are often discounts offered for vacationers and students during their week off. 


Sledding is a cost-free active venture that often time requires no commute and little parental interaction. Whether your traveling down the road to your local sledding hill, or walking out your back door, there are a plethora of opportunities for your child to engage in this winter thrill. 

Trampoline park

For those that don’t enjoy the cold weather, many areas have added trampoline parks which are typically a short drive, although father than most outdoor options. This is not an everyday activity based on distance and price, but it is an exciting and different option to help fill your child’s winter break. A visit to a trampoline park provides your child with an opportunity to bounce out their energy, and benefits parents with an early bedtime that night.   


Although many children will not find this task appealing, insisting that your child helps with shoveling not only gives them a great source of exercise, but also teaches them the importance of contributing to family chores which ultimately builds their work ethic. Of course, this hard work can always be rewarded with hot chocolate and other treats, providing them with positive reinforcement.