Dealing with a Hernia

Hernias are generally linked to physical activity, being commonly classified as a sports-related injury. Contrastingly, there are multiple diverse causes of hernias which are typically overlooked.  Despite common stereotypes encircling the causes of hernias, heavy lifting is one of the primary activities in which hernias are most likely to occur.  The demand to engage in…
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Why Choose Telemedicine?

Why? 75% of Urgent Care patients say that they would prefer using a virtual visit rather than going into a clinic if it’s appropriate and available to them as an option. We are excited to announce that in April, ExpressMED/BOAC will be launching telemedicine services which will be available both through our website and through…
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Winter Stay-cation Activities to Get Kids Moving

Throughout the winter months, people struggle to find activities to keep them busy, and often opt to stay indoors due to cold temperatures. As February break approaches, many parents will struggle to generate fun activities that their kids will enjoy. While a majority of children wish to spend their days lounging at home with constant…
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