Direct Orthopedic Care

ExpressMED is excited to announce the introduction of Direct Orthopedic Care, a specialized service available at our Downtown Manchester and Salem locations. This groundbreaking initiative aims to redefine orthopedic care by offering convenient and collaborative solutions that focus on cost savings, reduced pain and suffering, improved patient outcomes, and accelerated recovery.


Injury Treatment

Direct Orthopedic Care is a patient-centric model designed to provide individuals and families unparalleled access to orthopedic services. By leveraging the expertise of ExpressMED Urgent Care and partnering with renowned physical therapy providers, Apple Therapy, and Sports and Rehab, patients can receive comprehensive orthopedic care at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional models. With attention to the timeliness of treatment and access to rehabilitation services, patients can expect the same level of treatment as elite athletes.

ExpressMED Urgent Care's Direct Orthopedic Care service boasts several key advantages that set it apart from conventional orthopedic care models:

Cost Savings

Direct Orthopedic Care eliminates the need for insurance middlemen and high administrative costs, resulting in significant savings for patients. Transparent pricing ensures that individuals can receive high-quality orthopedic care without unexpected bills, co-pays, or deductibles.

Reduced Pain and Suffering

The Direct Orthopedic Care model allows patients to establish a personalized and continuous relationship with their orthopedic provider. ExpressMED Urgent Care's compassionate and experienced medical professionals collaborate closely with patients to address their specific orthopedic needs, reducing pain and suffering through proactive and tailored care.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With dedicated time for each patient, ExpressMED Urgent Care's orthopedic specialists can provide comprehensive care, including accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, and post-treatment rehabilitation plans. This comprehensive approach empowers patients to actively participate in their recovery journey, leading to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life.

Accelerated Recovery

Through a collaborative approach, ExpressMED Urgent Care partners with leading physical therapy providers, Apple Therapy and Sports and Rehab, to deliver a seamless continuum of care. This integration between orthopedic and physical therapy services optimizes patient recovery, allowing for a faster and more effective rehabilitation process.

"We are thrilled to bring this innovative orthopedic care model to the residents of New Hampshire. Our Direct Orthopedic Care service combines convenience, affordability, and high-quality care, offering patients a comprehensive solution for their orthopedic needs. By collaborating with experienced physical therapy providers like Apple Therapy and Sports and Rehab, we are ensuring that patients receive the best possible care and support throughout their recovery journey.”

Nick Vailas

CEO of ExpressMED Urgent Care