Sports Hernias in Active Athletes

Engaging in athletics as a source of physical activity is a positive lifestyle choice. In addition to the physical benefits, sports provide individuals with a stronger sense of community and can aid in strengthening relationships. Although it is important to remain physically active, engaging in exercise may increase the risk of developing sports related injuries such as sports hernias, which involve the weakening of the muscles in the lower part of the abdomen.

Sports hernias are not visible and are not a result of a lack of strength or muscle, which means that even the most fit and healthy athletes can develop a hernia. This injury occurs in the inguinal canal which is where the abdomen wall is most thin and vulnerable to weakening. Sports hernias will become apparent when the athlete begins to feel pain in the lower part of the body, which may worsen with any form of physical exertion. Although surgery may be necessary depending on the severity of the injury, most hernias can be treated by avoiding activity, taking pain and anti-inflammatory medication and participating in physical therapy treatments.

Given the risk of potentially requiring surgery to resolve a hernia, it is crucial that athletes visit a doctor as soon as symptoms occur in order to avoid surgical procedures and to return to their regular activities. Actively participating in personal health can help athletes maintain a fulfilling career and expand their body’s ability to continue enduring the physical strains involved in practicing sports.    

If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from a sports hernia, our providers at ExpressMED/BOAC can help. Drop into one of our clinics today for an examination by one of our licensed medical providers and get on your way back to feeling your best.

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